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How to find the Right Contractor for your next construction project                            and Save $$ Thousands $$ of dollars & avoid 
a ton of headaches and problems!!!

 30 plus years in the Construction Industry right here in Boca Raton gives One an unique inside perspective and  plenty of real on the job opportunities to identify the best method on exactly how to find the Right Contractor for that construction project you’ve been thinking about doing and also how to AVOID the worst ones out there. 
We’ve all heard the horror stories of incompetent low ball contractors taking forever to do a sloppy inferior job or worse the Rip Offs that- take your hard earned $ Money $ and run off without ever starting or properly completing a Project.

             So, How can YOU find the right contractor for your next Project?

My name is Dale Meckler. I’m a General Contractor and Remodeling Expert located right here in Boca Raton for over 30 years. With all that time spent in the construction industry you can bet I’ve seen plenty of examples of bad contractors and poor construction work done for folks just like yourself that paid out a lot of hard earned money to have work done at their homes or businesses, only to be sadly disappointed in the end. So, I decided to make it my Mission and Passion in life to give people this FREE REPORT and an Insider’s view into the construction industry - so they can AVOID the common mistakes and most costly errors when looking for someone to do their next construction project. 

Below you’ll find the Seven most common mistakes I see people making when hiring a contractor and ways to avoid them along with the 6 most important questions to ask a contractor before you agree to have any work done. As a bonus I’ve included 4 insider tips for you to use and find the very best contactor, save money in the long run and avoid problems and headaches all for FREE! Now here’s how to Save Thousands of dollars and avoid all the problems and headaches on your next project.

"When Choosing Your Contractor Avoid These Seven Deadly Mistakes"

1. Stay away from any contractor that doesn't have a website and business phone number. Visit the website of any prospective contractor and examine the site for any benefit to you the client. If a website does not promote much benefit to you the consumer then there is a good chance that a company may not value their new clients beyond seeing them as an income stream. Call their phone number and see if the phone is answered. If you can't call a contractor on the phone and get a live person what are the chances you'll be able to reach them when you need them. It's Ok to leave a message with someone that picks up as most good contractors should be out on the job or meeting with clients but see how long they take to respond. If it's not prompt it is a good forecast of things to come. And finally stay away from any contractors that have changed their company name in the past 5 years as this might be a sign of legal troubles and these contractors often spell TROUBLE!! 
 You can check out local florida businesses at  www.sunbiz.org/search.html

2.Don't even think of working with a contractor or salesperson that tries to pressure you into signing a contract, or handing over a large deposit or if they ask you to pay in Cash, your check is a form of receipt of payment. Honest professionals don't use these tactics.

3. If a contractor will not provide you with references and allow you to speak with previous clients, they may have something to hide. For the RIGHT  Contractor, References are his best endorsement. Even if the contractor your thinking of hiring was referred by a family or business associate, make sure that they have actaully had work done by the them and were completely satisfied, Verify,Verify and Verify again!!!

4.Stay away from any contractor that provides you with out of date information or information that is not current. If you are unable to verify license or insurance information, it's best to pass on that contractor.
You can check out a contractors  license credentials at www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr 

5. Communication, This is very important!! Are you able to get a hold of your prospective contractor? Did he return calls promptly when you tried to reach him during normal business hours on week days? The type of contact experience you have during the bid process is a foreshadow of things to come. If you can't reach him during the initial phase of contact what are the chances you can reach him at all once they have your money. Was the bid prepared on time? If not cross them off the list.

6. Does your contractor have all the necessary current certifications to work on your job. As  of 2009 Any structures built before 1978 now require your contractor to have current EPA Lead Certification credentials  for Repair and Renovation Contractors of all trades.  Make sure they have this certification if your project was built before 1978 or heavy fines can be levied and enforced on your project. A pictured ID Card  License is issued to all contractors that have this necessary certification. You can check if a contractor has this important mandatory certification  by scrolling down to the firm name box  and enter their name at -  cfpub.epa.gov/flpp/searchrrp 

 But by far the WORST MISTAKE I SEE PEOPLE MAKING AGAIN AND AGAIN IS: Choosing a Contractor because they had what seemed to be the CHEAPEST BID !!

Maybe You never asked yourself this but why is it the cheapest bid? Well the answer although somewhat apparent , is because they are the cheapest in everyting they do!! They more than likely hire the cheapest guys they can find and use the cheapest materials they can find. Or worse, they just lowball the bid to rope you in, get your money and then don't even complete the job for what you thought was a good bid. 
Do you really want guys working on your job who are so desparate that they work for less than everyone else or use the cheapest materials on your home or business. What might seem to be less money at first will in the end cost you far more $$ than you ever imagined. Too many folks have found this out the hard way.

1. Quite simply, all contractors are not the same. Different contractors bring different levels of commitment, sincerity and dedication to their work. Make sure your contractor brings the level of expertise and service you'll need to get Your job done right, the way you want it... without hassels and headaches.

2. The Price you see quoted will not be the price you pay ! Too many South Florida residents have discovered this the hard way. Some contractors will quote low prices in their adds,over the phone, on the internet or even in person...and then surprise you with additional costs later on. Not all contractors are like this. There are legitamate honest professionals like myself, who will quote a fair price in writing and work hard to earn your respect and trust. But unfortunately, some contractors will do business in unethical ways.

3. It is possible to pay too much for a lower-quality job, remember the least expensive job is not always the best value - in fact, it's usually not a good deal at all. Often on a low price job, a contractor will be forced to cut corners. This lack of attention-to-detail can cause big problems ranging from annoying nuisances to safety hazards for you or your family.

"OK, So how do I find an honest, talented and reputable contractor? 
If you're thinking about a construction project for your home or business, I offer these four recommendations:"

 Recommendation #1 : ask questions. The way to find out if a contractor is right for you is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to the answers. Here are the questions I suggest you ask:

1. What percentage of your business is from  repeat or referral business? A contractor with a large amount of repeat and referral business usually has very satisfied customers. 

2. Of most importance ask- How many projects like mine have you done in the past 3 years. Some contractors have years of experience ... but their experience may lie with other types of projects, not your project.

3. Are you licensed? And do you carry General Liability Insurance and Workman's Compensation insurance.? These types of insurance are for YOUR protection !

4.Will you provide me with written lien waviers? A lien wavier is a form of receipt for payment of services and materials. It assures you that all workmen and supplies have been paid and that no liens will be placed on your property.

5. Will you pull all the required building permits? If a contractor can't or won't pull required permits, leave him off the list ! it may be a sign he's illegal or in trouble with the building dept.  or local officials. Also does your contractor have all the necessary current certifications to work on your job. As  of 2009 Any structures built before 1978 now require your contractor to have current EPA Lead Certification credentials  for Repair and Renovation Contractors of all trades.  Make sure they have this certification if your project was built before 1978 or heavy fines can be levied and enforced on your project. A pictured ID Card  License is issued to all contractors that have this necessary certification. You can check this certification as mentioned above.

Recommendation  #2.  Get references from a contractor. a reputable well established contractor should welcome this request. Call the references and ask if the job was done on time and was done for the agreed upon price. Ask if the contractor was easy to reach and if he was easy to deal with. Make sure the references are for similar type projects like the one you want to have done. Also make sure your contractor is a local business professional that resides in your area. This is an important factor - building and maintaining a fine reputation in your area. A professional contractor is proud of his local reputation and wants to be well spoken of in his community. Your contractor should have a good rating with sites like Angies list which is one of the only true honest member driven unbiased fully transparant referral sites .  You can see them at  www.angieslist.com

Recommendation # 3. When pricing your project, don't accept verbal quotes or quotes on the back of a business card. Your contractor should provide you with a written proposal that includes all the details, materials, payment schedules and time of completion, all clearly spelled out for you. This avoids misinterpretations and confusion and helps keep your project on budget and on a schedule.

Recommendation  #4. Lastly you should look at the contractor's appearance and manner. He doesnt need to have a suit and tie but he should have a clean and neat appearance. Does he  pay attention to your needs and questions? Does he seem trustwothy?  During your construction project you'll appreciate having a neat clean person in your house that is on the same page with your desires and expectations and one that will repect your home and posessions.

By following these recommendations, you'll get the job you want and save a ton of money and a load of hassels.
There are many contractors here in Southeast Florida that would be willing to work on your next construction project. But if you'd like to have your project done right the first time - the way you want, something you can be really proud of  and at a fair and honest price. ... then rest assured you've contacted the right company- Dale Meckler General Contracting Inc. - Lic# CGC-021694

I'll be happy to answer all of your questions for Free when I come out to your home or business and give you a written quotation without any obligation of any kind, If you have any questions please call my office at 561-241-0107 or click here                                      and you can send us an email and and we'll get together                                                                                              to discuss your next construction project .

Here's one last point: In addition to dedicating my business to Consumer Awareness by offering this FREE reportWe do one more thing as well. We guarantee all of our work. That's right, We fully guarantee every project we do. If you need service we come back for FREE !!!

As a matter of fact, add this question to your list. Question # 6 - Do You guarantee you work? Not all companies do ... and it's important that you have this information before you make your decision.

Thank You, I hope you found this FREE consumer awareness report helpful. Be sure to check out our
 About us page at the top to see the 12 ways our company differs from ordinary contractors or you can also view our projects and more projects pages at the top to see some of our recent satisfied client construction projects. If you have any questions or comments -- or if you'd like to schedule an appointment for a free written quotation for your next construction project, please call my office at 561-241-0107 or click here to 

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